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Subletting: What do I do if I want to sublet my apartment/unit?

Subletting is allowed by Allmand Properties. However you must obtain permission first.

  1. Subletting your apartment/unit your original lease is intact and fully enforceable. This means you’re still responsible for rent and damages to the unit. Please use caution and due-diligence in selecting your subletters. As stated in 1., you’re ultimately responsible.
  2. Subletting agreement: Allmand Properties can provide one for you to use. Please inform Allmand Properties when the subletters will take possession and supply their information: Name, phone#, email, car make & model, license plate #. This is to avoid towing unauthorized vehicles. You & your subbletters can’t park on the premises at the same time. Allmand Properties will not be responsible for towing of unauthorized vehicles.