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I want to rent the unit/apartment/house. What do I do?

Here is a brief procedure list to help:

  1. The first step is to hand in all applications and place a deposit. This secures the unit/house for you for 30 days. The initial deposit is 1/3 the security deposit.
  2. 30 days: sign the lease & 2nd 1/3 security deposit payment made. 30 days after application & initial deposit was made you and all tenants sign the lease and the second payment of the security deposit is made. This must be done within 30 or possible forfeit of initial deposit and exclusive rights to unit/house. Parental Guarantees, if applicable, are also due at this time.
  3. 30-60 days after lease signing: Final 1/3 payment of security deposit due.

*Time schedule above is standard if there is 60 days until move-in. Shorter time schedules may apply. Exceptions can be made where applicable.